Karlex Care Ltd was founded in 2009 upon the purchase and takeover of Claremont House and, as then, is still run by Karon Lymington Crouch.

Karon herself has 29 years of Care experience, 20 years as Manager, and also has an NVQ registered managers award plus NVQ4 in management of care. 

Aims & 

Claremont House & Roclyns Rest Homes aim to provide an exemplary service to both service users and care workers alike. We do this by endeavouring to get it right the first time, every time and always meeting our service users and care workers’ expectations.


The key objectives to service delivery are:


  • To ensure the service is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led.

  • To ensure all service users have full control of the expectations they have of moving into residential care, including the designing of a care plan which is person centred taking into consideration there likes, dislikes, choices and aspirations.

  • To ensure service users receive the care as requested in the  comfort and security of a friendly atmosphere.

  • To make on going assessments of need, to exercise good care management and to promote a high quality of care service.

  • Every opportunity will be given for each service user to be maintained with the appropriate care and dignity that every individual has a right to expect. With this in mind staff will encourage service users to maintain there skills wherever possible.

  • All service users will be encouraged to maintain the highest level of personal dignity, privacy, choice and independence according to their ability



Our code of values are:


  1. To achieve the highest possible standards of excellence regarding the care of our service users

  2. We believe that a pre-requisite for those involved with the Claremont House Rest Home organisation is that they genuinely care about others.

  3. We believe in quality Care and maintaining of individuals skills and should be given every assistance to do so as securely and as comfortably as possible.

  4. To ensure that the dignity and value of every service user must be recognised and respected at all times.

  5. We believe that challenges provide an invaluable learning experience from which we can derive great benefit for the future.

  6. We believe that teamwork is likely to achieve greater results than individuals working on their own.

  7. We believe that honesty and integrity are vital ingredients of everything we say and do.

  8. We believe that everyone associated with Claremont & Roclyns Rest Homes should be treated in a fair and friendly way.

  9. We believe that the care of our service users takes precedence over all other things.

  10. We adhere to the General Social Council Code of Practice.

Staffing Structure

Both Claremont & Roclyns are owned and managed by Karon Crouch, along with (for Roclyns) Manager Dawn Hesling and (for Claremont) Deputy Managers Jasmine Coombs and Sarah Gambriel

Key Workers and Carers, provide personal support and assistance for the service users to live in a safe, secure and comfortably environment. Laundry staff to assist with personal clothing items, and the changing of beds. Cleaners will be available to ensure your private space and communal areas of the home are kept clean. Maintenance staff on hand to ensure the home is kept update with legislation requirement, and maintained in a manner with your choices taken into consideration. A cook available to ensure your dietary requirements are met, and choices of menus made available.

Claremont & Roclyns will provide a service  that is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led, for long term or respite care for 19 elderly male & female clients (each home) from the age of 65 who may require assistance with maintaining their personal, physical, mental health, memory related and emotional requirements.


Service users under the age of 65 can be admitted dependant on assessment, to ensure the home can meet the needs of the individual, and relevant notifications will be made.


No nursing service will be provided; however the management will always be on call to respond and arrange a district nurse to visit, at the service user’s request. End of life care will be provided with the support of outside agencies, respecting that Individuals have the right to pass away in the comfort of their own home.


Claremont & Roclyns will provide a safe & secure environment, support & advice, dietary preferences, social inclusion, family involvement, religious & cultural needs. 


The services we provide include:


  • Personal care and hygiene

  • Assistance to get up and go to bed

  • Shopping

  • Help with bathing/ showering

  • Meals maintaining a balanced diet

  • Pension / banking support

  • Accessing community appointments

  • Accessing hobbies, leisure interests

  • Arranging appropriate transport for appointments.

  • Domestic cleaning

  • Laundry

  • Social Support and companionship

  • Dispensing and administration of prescribed medication



Services Care Workers may not undertake:


  • Cut toe nails this task is undertaken by visiting chiropodist

  • Give injections this would be undertaken by district nurses, although all staff are trained in administering Insulin, should you suffer from Diabetes.

  • Give suppositories or enemas this would be undertaken by district nurses

  • Administer eye or ear drops without correct training

  • Assist with nebulisers without correct training